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Peter griffin
Peter griffin
just had a bridge to replace four teeth my local dentist took out which didnot need removing im over the moon ..thank you harry and staff
Trinie Nicholls
Trinie Nicholls
After not being able to get into a dentist for years. Harry managed to get me booked in for an overall check up and a deep clean. I then later returned to start my teeth whitening which I am so impressed with. I can not fault Harry and his team enough. Everyone is so warm and welcoming. I will never use another dentist again😁
Karen Chiswell-Williams
Karen Chiswell-Williams
Harry is fantastic and after all the hard work has made me feel fantastic his staff are great as well- highly recommend
Barbara Morrison
Barbara Morrison
I am very pleased with my dental implants. Harry did a very job, I would recommend the clinic to my family and friends if they need any treatment. Harry and his team of staff were very professional and pleasant at all times. B Morrison
Sean Murrihy
Sean Murrihy
10/10. Dr Harry and his team are very friendly and well organised . Very clean clinic always see them cleaning, even as you get off the chair they clean it down straight away. Had the composite bonding done on top 6 teeth 11.10.23, really impressed with results. My new dental practice from now
Sharon Gibbard
Sharon Gibbard
I would definitely recommend this dentist. Harry and his staff are lovely and accommodating. Nothing is ever too much trouble. I wanted my teeth straightened and took the decision to ask for braces to be fitted. Being an 'older' person I wanted to spend my hard earned money on myself for a change to make me feel better. My bottom teeth had moved and were crossing over and rather than eventually having to have false teeth I opted for the braces. The treatment lasted 12 months but the outcome was really good. My teeth are lovely and straight now and I'm no longer embarrassed to smile. I'm not saying it was easy but Harry is an excellent dentist who knows his stuff. I always felt he would do a great job and he certainly did. Thank you to all the team - keep up the good work.
smriti smriti
smriti smriti
I am having very good experience here I was very nervous and scared but doctor and nurse make me feel comfortable and I didn’t feel uncomfortable and painful it was very comfortable process I really want to give my big thanks to both of them .. all staff is very friendly..
Dawn Oakes
Dawn Oakes
after not going to a dentist for years i had 2 loose teeth and very swollen gums due to medication maybe causing it. harry and his team put me at ease from day 1. 3 months later i now have 4 new teeth and new looking gums.very friendly staff and always a phone call away if any problems (which i aint had). thank you so much guys/girls for making me proud to smile again 🥰
Debbie Jukes
Debbie Jukes
I have just composite bonding done at smile spa, Harry is amazing i am scared to death of dentist and he really puts you at ease. I can now smile again after years of hiding my teeth. Thank you so much

At Oldbury Smile Spa, we believe all people deserve to have the smile they have always wanted. We provide a variety of options to help our valued customers have straight teeth so they can smile with confidence.

Dental bonding, otherwise known as composite bonding or teeth bonding is a fast-growing, popular, cost-effective treatment. Composite bonding treatment has the ability to give you an instant smile makeover within 24 hours. No lengthy waiting, no brace, no pain and no monthly appointments.

Patients Always Leave With A Smile On Their Face!

Before After
Before After
Before After

What is Composite Bonding and How Does it Work?

Composite bonding offers a cosmetic solution to improve teeth aesthetics. It can be used for minor damages and gaps in teeth. Sometimes known as teeth contouring, this treatment is extremely versatile and affordable for patients. This is a non-invasive treatment, no needles or pain is involved.

The composite bonding procedure uses special resin or tooth coloured fillers to rebuild or reshape teeth. Our highly experienced Dentist, Dr Harry will use composite resin material to build composite in layers on your teeth and shape it to get the desired result. Once the tooth coloured resin has hardened it will become as hard as your natural tooth and last for many years.

Composite bonding does not normally require any preparation or any local anaesthetic. Our composite bonding will match the shade of your teeth to ensure you have a natural smile. It is a non-invasive cosmetic treatment suitable for almost everyone and a great alternative treatment for veneers.

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Signs You May Need Composite Bonding

👉 Tooth Fractures: Mend those unexpected fractures seamlessly.

👉 Gaps: Close unwanted spaces for a more uniform smile.

👉 Chips: Fill in and restore chips, bringing back the natural contour.

👉 Discolouration: Say goodbye to stains and discolouration with a radiant transformation.

Composite bonding is incredibly versatile. Whether it’s a minor issue or a more complex dental concern, this treatment can be applied to any part of your teeth, providing a solution that suits your unique needs.

Affordable Prices with Composite Bonding in Birmingham

Whether you have a small chip or envision a full-mouth makeover, the price for composite bonding varies. Prices can range from £200 for minor corrections to over £1000 for comprehensive transformations.

Curious about composite bonding prices in Birmingham? Contact Oldbury Smile Spa today for personalised information. Visit our smile gallery to witness a wealth of success stories and envision the radiant smile that awaits you.

Ready to transform your smile without breaking the bank? Reach out to us and discover the affordable path to dental excellence!

Cosmetic bonding does not normally require any preparation or any local anaesthetic. We will pick the perfect shade for seamless bonding in such a way as to match the natural colour of your teeth, giving you a radiant natural smile. It is a non-invasive cosmetic treatment suitable for almost everyone. This can be an alternative treatment to veneers, dental bonding can be used to transform the appearance of one or more front teeth in just one appointment.

Need A New Boiler?

Unlock Your Perfect Smile: Composite Bonding Cost Per Tooth

The cost of composite bonding in Birmingham can vary significantly. The quality of treatment varies based on where you choose to go and the skill and expertise of the dental practitioner, ensuring the achievement of your desired finish. The number of teeth undergoing treatment is a key determinant of cost. Whether it’s a full tooth or a specific section requiring attention, prices may fluctuate accordingly.

Curious about the cost of composite bonding per tooth? Contact us today for detailed information and personalised guidance. Let us navigate you through the process, ensuring you have all the information needed for your smile makeover.

Composite Bonding Finance Options: Transform Your Smile with Ease

Interested in making composite bonding more accessible? We have flexible dental finance options tailored for you. Depending on the duration of your payment plan, you might even qualify for 0% finance.

Benefits of Dental Finance:

  • Convenience: Enjoy the convenience of a personalised payment plan.
  • Affordability: Make your dream smile more affordable with our financing options.
  • 0% Finance Possibility: Depending on the plan duration, you may qualify for 0% finance.

Ready to transform your smile without financial stress? Contact us now, and let’s embark on the journey to your radiant and confident new smile! 😁🌟


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