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Dentist Stourbridge

Your New Confident Smile

Are you a resident in Stourbridge seeking a dentist? Oldbury Smile Spa is here to assist with all your emergency, cosmetic and general dentistry needs. Our incredible team are willing to work in unison with you to create a plan depending on your needs and oral health goals.


We offer treatments such as:

  • Invisalign
  • Teeth whitening
  • Veneers
  • Dental fillings
  • Root canal therapy


We will take the time to listen to your concerns and keep you up to date with the progress you make during the course of your treatment- making you comfortable is our top priority.  Come and see us today for more information about how we can cater to your oral health needs or contact us now to book an appointment at Oldbury Smile Spa. If we have what you need to kick-start your oral dreams, why wait?

Emergency Dentist Stourbridge

At Oldbury Smile Spa, we offer emergency dental care to those who may suffer from oral-related pain in Stourbridge. It is recommended that an adult visits the dentist every six months to ensure that their oral health is to a good standard but sometimes, life can get in the way and those standards can slip.

Oral pain can often be uncomfortable and stress-inducing. It is something we would prefer for you to avoid but when it does occur, we are on standby to help.

Here are some of the emergency dental issues we can help with:

  • Plaque build-up
  • Toothache
  • Cavities
  • Tooth loss
  • Oral cancer
  • Bad breath

Additionally, our practice is partnered with Anxiety UK which makes it one of our aims to ensure that all patients feel comfortable and at ease in our care. Find out more here.

Our clinic also works in unison with Anxiety UK to educate ourselves on the ways we can make you feel at ease when you are not feeling your best. We understand that oral pain can often cause stress, anxiety and put you on edge. This is why Oldbury Smile Spa aims to create an environment of trust and understanding where you feel comfortable. We will ensure that Stourbridge-based customers seeking emergency dental care will receive the best treatment possible

To learn more about our partnership with Anxiety UK, click here.

Get The Pearly Whites You Dream Of With Teeth Whitening

At Oldbury Smile Spa, we offer many types of cosmetic dentistry so that you can achieve the smile that you have always dreamed of. From teeth straightening solutions such as braces, veneers and Invisalign to teeth whitening so you can choose the option that suits your needs the best.

Teeth whitening has become a widely popular form of cosmetic dentistry as it offers a quick and affordable option to make your teeth look new and clean. Over time, teeth can become discoloured and yellow through factors such as age, genetics, eating and drinking habits, smoking and much more! Getting your teeth whitened is a great start to gaining some self-confidence as it elevates your smile.

Do You Meet The Requirements For Teeth Whitening?

To qualify for teeth whitening at Oldbury Smile Spa in Stourbridge:

  • Need to be 18 or older.
  • Have healthy teeth and gums. Our dentist will examine this on your initial visit with us.
  • Not be pregnant or breastfeeding. It is advised to avoid teeth whitening while pregnant as it may have undiscovered side effects on the baby.
To see our incredible teeth whitening results, click here to take a look at our smile gallery today.

Bring Your Straight Teeth Smile Visions To Life With Invisalign.

Invisalign is a great form of cosmetic dentistry which can be used to straighten your teeth. It is a go-to option for people who may want to be discreet about their braces as Invisalign uses clear retainers instead of traditional metal braces.


The length of treatment can vary for each person as it takes into account:

  • The condition of your teeth before starting treatment
  • How effectively your treatment is progressing with each aligner.


The Invisalign system works by rotating clear aligners until your teeth reposition into place.  The aligners are switched out weekly as they move your teeth. It is a worthwhile option for those who may not be able to visit the dentist regularly as the aligners come pre-labelled explaining when and how they should be used.

To learn more about Oldbury Smile Spa and the services we offer for Stourbridge customers, get in contact with us today by hitting the find out more button below.