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Do you want to enhance your appearance and get the smile you’ve always dreamed of? Teeth whitening treatment will give you these results along with confidence. If you have a lot of questions, including the cost of the treatment, Oldbury Smile Spa can help you achieve your oral health goals and give you a brighter smile! So say goodbye to them terrible stains.

What Is Teeth Whitening?

Many of us feel that our teeth look the best when they are strikingly white. Teeth whitening is fast becoming the go-to service to complete your smile. Bright, clear glistening teeth can improve the most worn smile. Teeth whitening removes unwanted discolouration and stains made from tea, coffee and tobacco. Whether you are getting ready for a wedding, party, prom or any special occasion, teeth whitening is a great choice to make your special day perfect.

Unfortunately, our habits can cause our teeth to lose their natural whiteness. Whether it be coffee, tea, wine or tobacco. All these can cause our teeth to stain. Here at Oldbury Smile Spa, we offer our take home teeth whitening kit.

What To Do Before Getting Teeth Whitened

Before getting teeth whitening treatment, it is important to protect your teeth and gums as much as possible, to prevent post-treatment sensitivity. The night before your treatment you should brush your teeth gently (switch to sensitive toothpaste) and avoid your gums as much as possible. This is to ensure that plaque is removed before the procedure. Schedule a follow-up appointment with your dentist to talk about the next steps on how to care for your teeth.

To get the best teeth whitening result possible your teeth should be in good oral health. If you require any fillings or scale and polish this will be done before your whitening treatment.

Teeth Whitening Procedure

Teeth whitening can be done either at home or at the dentist’s office. The procedure will usually take around an hour. The process involves:

  • Your dentist will record the shade of your teeth and see how many shades lighter you want to achieve
  • Your dentist will clean and polish your teeth to remove any plaque
  • A tooth whitening gel (hydrogen peroxide) will be applied to your teeth to make them whiter using a special heating lamp
  • You will then rinse your mouth thoroughly to eliminate any residue from the gel

It is possible to get your teeth whiter by 2-8 shades in one session, it does depend on the condition of your teeth. Speak to your dentist to see if teeth whitening is an applicable option for you.

What to Expect From Teeth Whitening

3 Simple Steps

Step 1

Meet Dr Harry for an initial consultation: Here Dr Harry will assess your teeth to ensure your teeth are suitable for teeth whitening as we prioritise your dental needs.

Step 2

Second consultation: Dr Harry will take moulds of your teeth. This is necessary to create teeth whitening tailored for you. These moulds will be sent away to our dental laboratory and returned within two weeks.

Step 3

Receive your teeth whitening kit: Dr Harry will give you instructions on how to use the whitening kit. With an option of a daytime or nighttime kit depending on your lifestyle.

Step 4

Enjoy your whiter, brighter smile, up to 8-9 shades whiter

At Oldbury Smile Spa, we care about our patients. Contact us today if you want to book an appointment with one of our friendly and experienced dentists. They are highly trained and can answer any questions you may have. Take a look at what our patients have to say about our amazing results!

Teeth Whitening FAQ

The average time frame that teeth whitening takes is around 90 minutes. This all depends on the amount of lightening your smile requires and may take several sessions before reaching your desired shade. Teeth whitening procedures should be repeated regularly to maintain results. Professional teeth whitening is safe and effective. At Oldbury Smile Spa, we care about your smile and your requirements. Get in touch with us if you have any more questions. 

Teeth whitening costs will vary from practice to practice. You will need to attend multiple appointments to see the existing colour of your teeth and how white you desire them to become, making them more expensive overall. Teeth whitening kits are good for mild stain removal. Your dentist can apply a stronger amount of hydrogen peroxide solution in comparison to off-the-shelf teeth whitening kits. Another factor to consider is your location, as this will affect the cost of the treatment. If you are wondering if the National Health Service (NHS) can cover the cost of teeth whitening treatment, the answer is no. The only way you can get your teeth whitening on the NHS is for medical reasons. Generally, teeth whitening can range from £20 – £1000 but this depends on the type of kits/ teeth whitening used. Home kits are more affordable than professional teeth whitening, if you want to find the exact cost, contact your dentist to discuss price ranges. 

It is recommended that you whiten your teeth, whether it is done at home or professionally, once a year. This is to prevent any issues such as enamel erosion and sensitivity issues

 that can happen if done more frequently.

If you have sensitive teeth, you may experience some discomfort or pain during whitening treatments. This can last from minutes to days following your treatment. This affects either the teeth or the gums and depends on the type of teeth whitening treatment you will have. 

 that can happen if done more frequently.

Teeth whitening is not permanent. I can last from as little as 6 months to 3 years. This all depends on how you look after your teeth. If you smoke, drink coffee or wine, it can stain your teeth so the whitening effect would not last as long.  

 that can happen if done more frequently.

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