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Many people understand the importance of regular check-ups to help maintain a healthy mouth. However, seeing a dental hygienist is just as important as having a dental check-up.

Dental Hygienist

Our expert dental hygienists in Oldbury are specially trained to help prevent gum disease and other problems with teeth. We see and treat many severe cases of gum disease successfully without our clients losing teeth that could have been lost without our gum therapy treatment. We can also help build a specific oral hygiene plan just for you, based on your needs and requirements. Our expert staff can also assist you in a thorough clean beyond the average places you can’t reach yourself with a traditional toothbrush.

Hygienist Appointment

Wondering what to expect from your hygienist appointment? Our hygienists are highly trained and aim to protect the overall health of your teeth and gums. They will:

  • Check the exterior of your face, neck, cheeks and lips to ensure they are healthy. This forms part of our routine oral cancer screening.
  • Make note of any areas within your mouth that require more attention than others
  • Provide a thorough scale and polish removing any plaque, tartar, calculus staining and bacteria that can cause halitosis, bone loss, gum recession and gum diseases. We aim to remove any unsightly stains helping to restore the whiteness within your teeth whilst focusing on keeping your gums strong and healthy.
  • We will provide you with cleaning and aftercare advice to ensure your gums and teeth stay healthy until your next appointment.

We are your expert dental hygienist near you offering excellent hygiene services; based in Oldbury with regular customers coming from Birmingham, Halesowen, Wolverhampton, West Bromwich and Walsall. We are extremely popular within the West Midlands and partnered with Anxiety UK, we aim to give you the very best treatment – see what our patients say. Contact us and book an appointment today!

How Often Should I Visit a Hygienist

It may be recommended by your dentist that you visit the hygienist regularly. However, this frequency of visits will very much be determined by your clinical needs and your preference to have your teeth cleaned and polished regularly.

It’s not uncommon for your dentist to recommend a hygiene appointment before bigger treatments such as a dental implant, all on 4 or Invisalign. Contact us now to learn more.