If you’re interested in composite bonding, it’s natural to wonder how much the treatment will cost you and how long it will take to complete. At Oldbury Smile Spa, we use high-quality materials and advanced techniques that make composite bonding safe and comfortable for our patients. So, let’s take a look at what the overall costs are likely to be and discuss some factors that can influence your treatment cost at Oldbury Smile Spa.
how much does composite bonding cost

The Average Cost of Composite Bonding In The UK

Costs vary depending on several factors, including your dental status, location, and other cosmetic dentistry costs you may have already had (like veneers). The cost of composite bonding varies depending on which tooth is to be bonded. On average, one tooth might cost £140, while a set of four can cost £360. Our dentist will give you an exact estimate before treatment begins. We have two financial plans available; an annual dental plan and a financial plan online. With such a wide range of dental treatments available at Oldbury Smile Spa, there’s no reason to avoid getting that perfect smile.

While you’re on the topic of dental expenses, it’s worth mentioning that dental bonding procedures are not meant to cure actual dental problems, like cavities or tooth erosion. They are primarily designed to seal up cracks in your teeth and restore their original appearance, but only after the actual problem has been resolved. If you are considering tooth bonding, then make sure to get any dental treatments that are necessary beforehand.

Are My Teeth Suitable For Composite Bonding?

Whether you have badly decayed teeth or gum disease, there may be cases when composite bonding is unsuitable as a treatment option. With that said, most patients will enjoy great success with their new smiles.

Dental composite bonding is a common treatment and often recommended by dentists for a number of problems, including:

How Does Dental Bonding Work?

Dental bonding works on a simple premise: it fills in tooth-coloured gaps in your smile. In other words, if you have tiny chips, gaps or discolouration around your teeth (from fillings, whitening treatments or cracks), a dental bond can help. If you’re missing just one small tooth, a dental bond will be able to restore that area of your smile.

7 Advantages Of Composite bonding

Here are 7 reasons why you should get composite bonding:

  1. Anesthesia isn’t required as it is a relatively simple procedure
  2. Cheaper than other cosmetic dental treatments
  3. It is a short procedure – can be done in thirty to sixty minutes or a single session
  4. Natural-looking treatment results with the perfect cosmetic appearance
  5. Painless process –doesn’t require injections or other painful equipment
  6. Durable and sustainable as it lasts for approximately five to seven years
  7. Fewer removal of tooth enamel in comparison to crowns and veneers

Dental Bonding in Birmingham

Finding affordable dental bonding near me can be difficult. If you don’t want to pay too much for dental bonding, then consider looking into low-cost dental services. In some cases, low-cost dentistry is available if you qualify for financial assistance or are willing to travel outside of your city for it. Ask your dentist about in-house discounts and making a payment plan. At Oldbury Smile Spa, we work work with patients to come up with an affordable solution for their dental needs that fits within their budget.


Composite Bonding FAQs

Does Tooth Bonding Hurt?

One of the biggest complaints people have when thinking about getting tooth bonding is that they’re afraid it will hurt. The good news is that most people are pleasantly surprised at how comfortable tooth bonding is and do not feel any discomfort during or after treatment. Although there may be a little pressure when receiving a composite, most patients don’t feel much pain and some even prefer to just listen to music or watch TV while they get bonded.

How Long DoesComposite Bonding Last?

As long as your teeth are healthy, bonded fillings can last for decades. How long they last depend largely on you and how well you take care of them: at-home oral hygiene practices and seeing your dentist regularly. We recommend that you replace composite bonding every five to seven years. If a filling ever breaks or starts to chip, it’s a good idea to replace it right away so that any remaining tooth structure is also protected from decay.

Is Bonding Cheaper Than Veneers?

Bonding and veneers are both dental procedures for improving your smile, but which is cheaper? A common misconception among patients who want to improve their smile is that composite bonding costs more than veneers. In reality, composite bonding might be cheaper than you think! Learn more about these treatments and how much they cost.

Elizabeth Summan
Practice Manager

Elizabeth Summan

Practice Manager

Elizabeth has worked as a dental nurse for 16 years and as a practice manager with Oldbury Smile Spa for just over 8 years

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