Dental anxiety affects a large number of patients across the UK. Just the thought of booking a dentist appointment can cause some people a significant amount of anxiety and stress. Here at Oldbury Smile Spa, we are experts in handling patients who suffer from dental anxiety. Contact us today to book your appointment and begin the journey of handling your dental phobia.


What is Dental Phobia? 

Mild fear and anxiety before a visit to a dentist or doctor are common. It becomes a concern, however, when the fear or anxiety stops people from getting the treatment they need and leaves them struggling with toothache, discomfort or they are dissatisfied with the appearance of their teeth. This most extreme type of dental anxiety is classed as a dental phobia (also known as ‘odontophobia’).

Dental anxiety can vary from acute anxiety attacks to mild uneasiness when it’s time for your dental appointment, making it easier just to cancel or avoid appointments. When a patient is avoiding treatment altogether or putting up with pain and discomfort from fear of visiting the dentist, they are likely to be suffering from dental phobia.

Causes of Dental Phobia

Specific fears can differ from patient to patient, and various triggers could spark their anxiety. For some people, the thought of needles in their mouth may be a trigger. For others, it may be the sound of the drill or the feeling of loss of control. Most commonly, the fear of pain triggers patients dental phobia. In some cases, but not all, dental phobia can develop due to a traumatic childhood dentist experience.


How to Deal With Dental Phobia

Many people feel nervous or afraid of visiting the dentist. Here at Oldbury Smile Spa, our dentists can try to help you overcome these fears. We take a genuine interest in the treatment of patients who have dental phobia. We work with delicate care and empathy and do our best to ensure all your worries are neutralised.

Communicate Your Anxieties With Your Dentist

Your first appointment with your dentist will usually be a consultation. Therefore, you don’t need to worry about experiencing any pain or discomfort from the treatment. You should use your first appointment to get a feel for the practice and getting to know your dentist. Communicate your worries and concerns to Dr Harry. Take it slow. Ask for longer or shorter appointment slots if you require them, whatever will make you feel the most comfortable. We can offer a range of solutions to help you feel more relaxed regarding your dental appointments. Often when we are confronting a fear or phobia, the first step is usually the hardest.


Coping With Dental Anxiety

Some people can struggle to cope with their dental anxiety but find having specific coping strategies in place works well. Here at Oldbury Smile Spa, we are partnered with Anxiety UK to help us offer the best care for our anxious patients. Below are some strategies you can try to help you cope with your dental phobia.



How Do I Know If I Have Dental Phobia? 

If you experience amplified stress and anxiety before your dental appointments to the point where it causes a considerable amount of discomfort, they likely have a dental phobia/dental anxiety.


Signs of dental phobia:

With the support of Anxiety UK, we want to raise the profile of dental anxiety in the UK and encourage people who may have been avoiding going to the dentist due to fear to seek help and take those first steps. Our team are experts in dealing with patients who suffer from fear and anxiety.

If you’re looking for general, advanced or cosmetic dentistry in Oldbury or the surrounding areas and suffer from dental anxiety, contact Oldbury Smile Spa today. Our dentists are excellent at handling the needs of anxious patients and have generated some outstanding reviews.

Elizabeth Summan
Practice Manager

Elizabeth Summan

Practice Manager

Elizabeth has worked as a dental nurse for 16 years and as a practice manager with Oldbury Smile Spa for just over 8 years

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