Teeth Whitening Birmingham

Your New Confident Smile

What is Teeth Whitening?

Are you in need of teeth whitening in Birmingham? Teeth whitening is fast becoming the go-to service to complete your smile. Bright, clear glistening teeth can improve the most worn smile. Teeth whitening removes unwanted discolouration and stains made from tea, coffee and tobacco. Whether you are getting ready for a wedding, party, prom or any special occasion, teeth whitening is a great choice to make your special day perfect. 

We are able to perform all general treatments such as fillings, scale and polish, to more advanced dental treatments like root canals

Professional Teeth Whitening Birmingham

Here at Oldbury Smile Spa, we take a professional approach to all our treatments undertaken. This is especially true with teeth whitening as we have a process we take all our customers through. We want to ensure your teeth are in great health before we do the teeth whitening as this sometimes may enhance your tooth sensitivity. If you have any fillings, decay or dental complication it is necessary to resolve these issues first before we prioritise whitening your teeth. We use a popular brand called boutique whitening, our take-home whitening kit is specifically moulded for your teeth as we know it’s not one size fits all!  

What to Expect From Teeth Whitening

3 Simple Steps

Step 1

Meet Dr Harry for an initial consultation: Here Dr Harry will assess your teeth to ensure your teeth are suitable for teeth whitening as we prioritise your dental needs.

Step 2

Second consultation: Dr Harry will take moulds of your teeth. This is necessary to create teeth whitening tailored for you. These moulds will be sent away to our dental laboratory and returned within two weeks.

Step 3

Receive your teeth whitening kit: Dr Harry will give you instructions on how to use the whitening kit. With an option of a daytime or nighttime kit depending on your lifestyle.

Step 4

Enjoy your whiter, brighter smile, up to 8-9 shades whiter

Teeth Whitening Birmingham Before and After

Before After
Before After
Before After